Is the SNES Classic Mini a Possibility?

I recently read on both Nerdist and Mental Floss that Nintendo may be releasing an SNES Classic Mini this Christmas. That’s pretty cool, I guess. I wonder if the supply will meet the demand?

Let’s be honest here: the NES Classic Mini was a bit of a debacle; scalpers seem like they’re the only ones able to obtain one and, quite frankly, the supply was never truly made to meet the demand. It’s entirely possible that the NES Classic was a market test for the SNES Classic mini, or similar devices, but I feel as if that would be a bit counter-intuitive. Far be it from me to make that assessment. Nintendo has been around a long time and, for all we know, this may well be part of a larger marketing plan.

If such a device DOES come into existence, I’m sure it would be packed with the classics: Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past, Super Metroid and more.

But you know what else would be an awesome pack-in title? Super Smash TV or Captain Commando. Those were fun.

Some of the excellent RPGs would be a great as well, as the SNES was loaded with them: Illusion of Gaia, Final Fantasy II & III, Breath of Fire, Earthbound, The 7th Saga, Soul Blazer, Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger and many, many more. I’m quite certain I spent a good chunk of high school playing those games. They were fun, but they can be easily obtained either on the after market or on one of a variety of different compilations and virtual consoles.

I think it’s a neat idea, but I’m not feeling particularly nostalgic for the SNES or any system these days. They’re fun, but Nostalgia is weird. I fully expect this to play out as either a rumor or the same way the NES Classic Mini did. We shall have to see.




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