Big Data, Big Brother, Big Bother

With all of us putting ourselves out there on social media – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or even LinkedIn – I wonder if by checking “yes” on the Terms of Service page, we are effectively waiving our right to be forgotten.
What does it mean to be forgotten?  In simple terms, the right to be forgotten means to have privacy.  Our eagerness in ditching our own privacy for the purpose of connecting is…disconcerting.
Mark Cuban, an app designer concerned for our privacy, says that post life will be the undoing of our concept of privacy.  To this end, he has created two apps (Dust bring my favorite of the two concepts) that will help self regulate and automatically delete posts and messages before it’s too late.
Cuban makes a valid point, but can seem a bit of a conspiracy theorist at times, to the average person.  In my opinion, he might be on to something.
Cuban articulates his ideas much better than Eli Pariser, who gave the TEDx Talk on online filter bubbles.  He was onto something with that, but ultimately sounded like he was making things up as he went along.
Now, Pariser is right about one thing: Google no longer is simply a search engine.  It does use an algorithm to figure out how to tailor your results to you.  I’ve never come across anything quite as distinct as he describes, though.
While it stands to reason that Google would want to tailor our searches to us, it all just seems somehow sinister; like the outlandish plot to a Bond film or a Tom Clancy novel.
So…is this really similar to Big Brother and 1984 or are we, as a society becoming more comfortable with an open society and being unconcerned about privacy?  What about Big Data and the Algorithm Auction?  This is starting to seem dystopian…almost, shall we say, Cyberpunk?
The modern world, though full of amenities and convenience, seems to be leaning in that direction.  I wonder what the next few technological breakthroughs will bring?

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