A Dream of Interactive Tech (Sci-Fi)

Above: an EEG interface (www.shutterstock.com)

The Dream Machine 

I think a neat new technology would be something that would allow us to record our dreams, become aware of our dreams or help us achieve something similar to a vision quest. It could be something as simple as a neural transceiver or recording device that is attached to your head when you sleep. Perhaps it would be similar to and maybe an EEG works. The device records data during your various sleep cycles and transmits it to a computer, software or even an app, which will then translate that data into imagery that we can feel free to interpret, edit, watch or storeat our convenience. I realize that this does seem to be a little bit on the science-fiction end of the spectrum, but I can’t help but dream, if you’ll pardon the pun. So many new technologies have come from sci-fi: tablets (PADDS from star trek), cell phones (Captain Kirk had a flip phone, you know) and faster than light travel (just kidding).



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